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CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD - 0897 99 99 00

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CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD - 0897 9999 00 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qmhGkE ... re=mh_lolz

CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD - 0897 99 99 00

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CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD - 0897 9999 00 - http://www.xn--80aaaaaic2bxccd3c4a7h.bg - Professional kennel Caucasian Shepherd has the most elite and purest Caucasian shepherd dogs imported from Russia - world champions. We offer 45 days Puppies, puppies 60 days and puppies 6-7 months. Puppies are dewormed, vaccinated, chip, pedigree and passport. Parents can be seen on the ground. Great guards. -
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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kennel Caucasian Shepherds Albena Express was founded in 2000. and deals with the import of Russian Caucasian shepherds. Kennel Albena Express is a leading company in Europe that produces the most beautiful and elite purebred KAVKAZKA OVCHARKA One of the activities of the Kennel Albena Express is the production of purebred Caucasian Shepherd. We are the only company Caucasian Shepherds that delivering puppies to address the buyer in Europe. Kennel Albena Express offers; Caucasian Shepherd CAUCASIAN SHEFERD Caucasian shepherd dog, dogs, puppies, puppy Kennel KAVKAZKA OVCHARKA, Caucasian Shepherd breeding puppies for sale, Caucasian Wolfhound dog champion, pets, dogs, puppies, dog breeder, puppies for sale, guard dog, Caucasian Wolfhound, champion. Kennel provides specialized transportation of dogs to; Greece, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Germany, Holland, Slovenia, Italy and others. countries in Europe. We have 2 pieces; specialized van for transporting animals and 2 pieces refrigerated van for transportation of frozen delicacies for dogs. You can also visit our ZOO - Shop for animal feed, which is located at the intersection of kv.Suhodol. Visit us to view our pets.


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Today we presented the largest professional breeding purebred Caucasian Shepherds in Bulgaria. Our kennel was founded in 1990 with the pure-bred Caucasian Shepherd ever imported from Russia. We have not engaged more seriously with breeding, as there was no very large market demand for Caucasian shepherds. Since last year, our kennel expanded several times and bought some of the best purebred Caucasian Shepherd Dog from Russia. Due to the great interest in seeking Caucasian Shepherds from Germany, Holland, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and other countries, our kennel offers the best dogs ever produced in Bulgaria. We already have six male dogs and twelve elite female Caucasian Shepherds - all with pedigrees and parents champions. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qmhGkE ... re=mh_lolz

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If you seriously get down to breeding dogs should read books written specifically on this topic. You should attend exhibitions to study heredity, breeding for certain qualities laynbridinga and inbreeding. You first need to find out exactly what you seek. People imagine that if you buy a pedigree bitch, stamped with "Champion" in red ink, they certainly have the ideal mother with which to start breeding. All you need to do is to find an equally wonderful father, whose pedigree also writes red "Champion", and thus created the puppies will be ideal. how wrong! To get the perfect puppy, not to mention the perfect family puppies sometimes experienced breeders have a lifetime of trial and error. Hardly can be achieved at the first attempt. We know the old adage "the bulb does not fall far from the tree," but what you may not know is what characteristics of previous generations have given to the mother and the father. Such features may not be noticeable to the future parents, yet mating lead to something very different from our expectations. One can prove what will lead to the actual mating only after birth puppies.
Always remember that the mother and father have the same impact on small and can therefore be unfair to blame the father for the shortcomings of the offspring. Select a bitch just as carefully as you choose the father, and do not forget about their temperament. This is extremely important. because, as they are quality puppies if they are nervous or fierce, it will not be well received or as pets. or for participation in exhibitions. Both sides must be chosen for the largest count desirable qualities in each of them and because of their ability to transmit those qualities in the offspring. so, if possible, see puppies which male is a father, and note the good and bad moments. Tends mating of two animals of the same good and bad sides to fix these countries. In the case of the poor, they will almost certainly be passed further offspring when, in turn, multiply. This brings us to the topic of inbreeding. which, of course, is a closely mating of dogs and is done with the hope to be transmitted certain positive qualities of these dogs on their offspring. Laynbriding means to choose dogs of the same origin, which can be paired with the same objective to concentrate scars on both sides that you like very much about the breed. Much can be written about both methods. Most dangerous to mess with inbreeding because both dogs actually have o same ancestors and again you may find that they not only fixed the best parties that you hoped to pass on to offspring, but also some disadvantages. Often is it when mating is organized more based study of genealogy than the dogs themselves to be crossed. Any dog with any bad trait should not ever be crossed with another bearing the same trait. Inbreeding fixed characteristics and at a reasonable selection may give great seed, although often this improvement can be observed only at one or two of all the pups in the family. Inbreeding is not a hundred percent method to get everything you want in all puppies, he is far from that. But he is the shortest known way to pass on family resemblances on families puppies that breed. Unfortunately, it often leads to deterioration of physics, height and temperament and how much you can win, so can you lose. Blizkorostvenoto mating is not unnatural phenomenon. Previously, when dogs were wild and lived in packs, the strongest male was the father of all dogs in the pack, and this, of course, led to intense inbreeding. What we tend to forget is that in those days the survival of the fittest was the rule and puny specimens never lived. Nowadays specialized breeding of dogs, puppies, is money, even the weakest of the family may be artificially feed the hand, which, of course, is very bad for the family. Inbreeding is not always harmful, or certainly makes the type to lose its power or lead to bad character. Such defects are obtained by mating a completely unrelated animals. Moreover, it is much more likely person to guess what will be the result of inbreeding than indiscriminate breeding of unknown, alien father. If inbreeding same physical weakness occurs under both of their parents-it, no doubt, this shortcoming in horrible way will be submitted to the offspring. However, if bred not forget to make reasonable inbreeding by selecting only strong and fertile parents, rejecting all the signs of a blemish on it so indelibly created puppies will be submitted to your good qualities. Laynbridingat is a different process and some of the best dogs in the world due to the beauty, temperament and energy on laynbridinga carried for generations. Of course, it is done mainly on the basis of ancestry, as well as the selection, but the actual quality you want, does not give up so fast offspring, as in inbreeding.